Happy Gum drops (5ml)


Living Libations Happy Gum Drops (5ml)

Healthy is Happy!

Vertroetel je tandvlees en verfris je mondhygiëne. De dynamische essentiële oliën uit duindoorn, roos, pepermunt, kruidnagel, oregano, kaneel, theeboom en tijm verschaffen een biologische botanische zegening voor je mond. Doe een druppeltje op je tandenborstel of in je mondspoeling. Masseer het in je tandvlees en reinig je tandhalzen met een drupje er van op je flosdraad.

Happy Gum Drops helpt je aan de schoonste mond en meest frisse adem ooit. Blije tanden, tong en tandvlees laten je voluit genieten van de sensualiteiten die het leven je biedt. Happy Gum Drops dringt door in alle plekjes van je mondholte om ze sprankelschoon te maken.

De essentiële oliën in Happy Gum Drops zijn afkomstig van wildpluk of biologische teelt. Samen bestrijken ze elk aspect van de mondverzorging.

Gebruik Happy Gum Drops voor prachtig gezond roze tandvlees, bij het tanden poetsen, om je tandvlees te masseren en in je mondspoeling. Het maakt je glimlach mooier en frisser.

Gebruik: 1 druppel op een droge tandenborstel.

  • Voeg het toe aan zout water voor een uitstekende mondspoeling. 
  • Gebruik het op een droge tandenborstel i.p.v.tandpasta.
  • Masseer het in je tandvlees.
  • Gebruik het op het rubber puntje van je tandvleesmassage apparaat of Lactona tandenborstel.
  • Gebruik het op je tongschraper.
  • Doe een beetje op je tong voor een frisse adem
  • Een drupel op je flosdraad brengt de botanische frisheid en gezondheid bij je tandhalzen.

De samenstelling van strategisch gekozen essentiële oliën vormt een palet dat elke mogelijk aspect van de mondverzorging bestrijkt. Van verzachtend en verfrissend, ontstekingsremmend en helend tot bacterie- virus- en schimmeldodend.

Inhoud: 5ml



English information:

Healthy is Happy!

Adorn your gums and freshen your oral care regime. The dynamic essential oils of seabuckthorn, rose, peppermint, clove, oregano, cinnamon, tea tree, and thyme bequeath an organic, botanical blessing on your mouth. Add one drop to a toothbrush and a mouth rinse. Massage onto the gums, and glide a drop over dental floss to clean the tiny spaces between the teeth. 

Happy Gum Drops help you to have the cleanest mouth and sweetest breath ever. Happy teeth, tongue, and gums allow you the full enjoyment of life’s sensuality. Happy Gum Drops reaches into all the tiny crevices in your mouth and leaves them sparkling clean.

Happy Gum Drops contains super-critical extracts and essences of seabuckthorn berry, rose otto, oregano, peppermint, clove, tea tree, cinnamon, and thyme linalool. These organic and wild-crafted ingredients anoint all areas of oral care. 

If you like flossing, you will love Happy Gum Drops! If you don’t like flossing, you will love Happy Gum Drops!

For pretty-in-pink gums use a drop for brushing, flossing, massaging gums, and mouth-rinses. A drop on a proxa brush, sulca brush, and rubber-tip stimulators may also help give you a clean, beautiful smile.

Use: 1 druppel op een droge tandenborstel.

  • They can be added to salt-water for an excellent mouthwash. 
  • Used on a dry tooth brush in lieu of  toothpaste 
  • Massaged into gums
  • Used on proxa-brushes, sulca-brushes and rubber-tip stimulators
  • Used on tongue-scrappers 
  • A drop on the tongue for fresh breath
  • One drop smoothed over floss gets the botanical power between each tooth


Cinnamon, Cinnamomum ceylanicum. Our true cinnamon bark essential oil from Madagascar is antiseptic and antibacterial. Cinnamon bark oil is a potent cleanser, and it also tastes great!

Clove Bud, Eugenia carophyllata. Distilled fromthe flowering buds of the clove tree, this oil has an extremely high ORAC. Clove oil has freshened breath since ancient times. Its botanical constituents of eugenol, esters, and sesquiterpenes, combine to create a powerful oral cleanser. 

Oregano, Origanum vulgare. Our wildoregano oil from oregano grown in the mountains along the the Mediterranean. Wild oregano contains two phenol compounds that contribute to its unique property: carvacrol at concentrations over 65% and thymol at 3.4% concentration.

Peppermint, Mentha piperita. Our peppermint is a genuine distillation of fresh leaves from a fourth generation family of distillers in France. The peppermint flavouring used in commercial toothpaste is artificial menthol and offers no benefit to the mouth. Real peppermint is a refreshing and potent purifier.

Rose Otto, Rosa damascene. Rose is a precious and elegant essence. It takes sixty roses to make one drop of Rose Otto essential oil! It is one of the most valued oils for its oral tonifying effects. 

Seabuckthorn Berry, Hippophae rhamnoides. This is an incredibly rich and vital oil extracted from a bright orange berry. It is perfectly balanced in omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 essential fatty acids. Our seabuckthorn berry is a special super critical extract that captures over 190 bioactive substances from the edible berry. The oil is lush source of vitamins C, E, provitamins A and B, beta carotene, carotenoids, precious phytosterols, and rare palmitoleic acids. All of these extraordinary plant properties contribute Seabuckthorn’s benefit to the mouth.

Thyme Linalool, Thymus officinalis linalool. This rare variety in the thyme species is a gentle, whole mouth toning agent. 

Tea Tree Oil, Malaleuca alternifolia, has been used for thousands of years by the Australian Aborigines. This well-known oil contains the plant-chemicals cineol and propanol that are beautiful full-mouth cleansers. Harvested from the paper bark tea tree, tee tree has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal plant by the Australian Aborigines. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. The Australian Dental Journal stated that it is “a therapeutic agent in chronic gingivitis and periodontitis, conditions that have both bacterial and inflammatory components.” 

Tea tree is full of natural anti-inflammatory agents and contains the plant chemicals cineol and propanol that can decrease gingivitis and reduce plaque. Tea tree is also very astringent and antiseptic. In a scientific dental study, a genuine distillation of tea tree oil (2.5%) proved effective in the treatment of chronic of gingivitis and inflammation. High in natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial constituents of 1.8–cineol, terpinen-4-ol, tea tree essential oil decreased the level of gingival teeth and reduced plaque scores. Furthermore, the study showed that a total of 162 oral bacteria isolates (including streptococcus) were inhibited and rapidly destroyed by tea tree oil concentrations of less than 2%.

Inhoud: 5ml

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